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6.00pm Salford Village Hall, OX7 5YP


9.30am The Club by Bamford @ Daylesford

6.00pm Cloud Nine Studio, Chipping Norton


7.30pm Lion Yoga, Long Compton


6.30pm Online Zoom


3.00pm Soho Farmhouse (members book through sh:app)


Feeling drained of energy? Get your glow back easing into the year ahead with this beautiful ‘life force’ practice. Qigong is an amazing balancing and healing practice; combining the mind, body, and breathe flowing through a series of active and dynamic movements. 

Qigong naturally builds your energy levels and deeply releases stress and tension. Your body will feel flexible, sculpted and strong and your mind relaxed, clear and calm. In class we flow through waking up your bodies natural energy ‘qi’, clearing qi stagnation, enabling the free flow of qi and blood in the body and balancing the 5 elements. This deeply rejuvenates and gives your body what it needs to thrive, to look and to feel great.

Classes are inclusive, warm and welcoming. The style of teaching is designed to guide you through an enjoyable movement class, alongside new tools and techniques to enable you to feel relaxed yet energised and altogether better in your body and mind as you navigate modern life.

Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. No qigong experience is necessary, just wear comfortable clothing.

I provide supporting videos for the class on request, so you can practice at home each day to enable the movements to become familiar which enriches your practice and the health benefits for you, as we progress through the term. 
Once purchased tickets are non refundable and non transferable.

Qigong Classes