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About Me

Long White Cloud Qigong Teacher

I'm Sian Eden, a Qigong instructor based in Chipping Norton, UK, and founder of Cotswold Qigong. I am happiest when I am outdoors in nature- whether it be snow, or sunshine, the mountains, hills, or by the sea. 

I have been so inspired by how Qigong has brought me back into balance and good health, that I trained to become an instructor with Master John Munro of Long White Cloud Qigong, New Zealand in the Wah Family style of Qigong. 

 My mantra is aligned with a part of Chinese medicine called Yang sheng, meaning “nurture life”. There is a wonderful Chinese proverb that sums up Yang Sheng – ‘A drop of prevention is worth a bucket load of cure.’

My mission is to share the benefits of this wonderful self-care practice to empower more people to master their health and feel better.

Juggling bringing up my children with a demanding career that involved demanding long haul travel, I found that my own personal qigong practice gave me resilience, balance and calm in body and mind. It prevented me from running on empty and gave me a way to recharge from the inside out. Qigong has transformed my energy levels making them sustainable and strong. It has banished excess heat and inflammation in my body, enabling me to be symptom free during my menopause. Qigong is so easy to fit in, it's fun and enjoyable, and it truly delivers. I feel physically and emotionally better than I have ever felt because I understand what my body needs from the inside out.

Qigong not only hugely improves our physical fitness and mood, but it is also an incredible healer in recovery from injury and illness. I have first-hand experience of this after a serious skiing accident left my right knee in pieces. Instead of invasive reconstructive surgery, I chose to work with my body bringing it back into balance, rebuilding strength and returning vitality.

I offer one-to-one lessons with clients in person or via Zoom, just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I teach regular classes in person at Soho Farmhouse in Great Tew Bamford the Club at Daylesford LION Yoga at Long Compton  Salford Village Hall and a weekly ZOOM class for those further afield. I teach at wellbeing retreats in the Costwolds and Provence. I also teach qigong on a voluntary basis to support a number of charities including most recently the incredible 

'The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

Lao Tzu

QUALIFICATIONS 400hr+ Qigong Instructor

Small Universe Qigong
A more yin, meditative ‘water’ practice, restorative, deeply revitalising and replenishing. Includes Waking the Qi, Twelve Rivers, Between Heaven and Earth and Enter the Qi Flow.

Inner Fire Iron Shirt Warriors Path Qigong
A dynamic, more ‘yang’ fire-based practice, incredible for building strength, toning and sculpting. Includes Inner Fire Breathwork, Wild Animal Play and Iron Shirt Qigong.

Cotswolds Qigong Teacher
Long White Cloud Qigong Teacher

Practice, practice… anytime, anywhere…

A joyful and deeply nourishing practice
joyful and deeply
Qigong Classes
You will feel benefits both physically in your muscles, joints, ligaments, posture and balance, and emotionally as we gently encourage the letting go of patterns of tension and holding.