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Qigong Wellness Workshops

Team Builds and Wellness Workshops

Workshops are tailored to the individual need, and often include breath work, introduction to qigong principals, and gentle qigong flows. We have a great network of practitioners that we work alonside including sound/gong baths, seasonal food, wild walks, and much more. 

Wellness Workshops

1 hour Introduction to Qigong Team Build

a wonderful wellness break team build to fit into your agenda

An fun and insightful introduction to qigong for all ages and fitness levels. The team will learn the benefits of qigong, how to cultivate awareness of breath and energy, and move through a gentle qigong flow.

qigong wellness workshop

Half Day Qigong Wellness Workshop

A detailed dive into a qigong wellness workshop

An active, enjoyable, engaging, informative and truly valuable wellness workshop, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The team will learn what is qigong and what are its benefits. We will explore cultivating awareness of breath and energy, and move into introducing Wuji practice. We will work through a warmup ‘Waking the Qi’, followed by a fun and active participation session on anatomy-introducing the 12 organ meridians, culmulating with a gentle yet energising  12 rivers qigong flow.


Full Day Qigong Wellness Workshop


This workshop is designed to bring mind, body and breath together in an immersive days learning, exploration, and enjoyment. Delegates will learn the fundamentals of qigong and the benefits it brings to health and wellbing. The day will be divided into engaging sessions covering the cultivation of energy awareness and breath, he 12 rivers qigong practice, which includes a breakdown of each of the 12 moves with organ and meridian stimulation, as well as the emotions and postures related to each of the 12 River exercises. This is always a greatly received course, and often once delegates have learnt the wonderful 12 Rivers flow they dont look back! Suitable for all ages, and levels of fitness.