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Qigong Events & Workshops in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.


Bank Holiday Weekend Morning Retreat to Pause, Refresh & Nourish

Qigong Flow, Crystal Bowl Sound Bath, and award winning Brunch at the Yurt   

  • Date: Saturday 25th May 2024
  • Time: 09.15 am- Midday

  • Place: The Yurt, Nicholsons, North Aston

09.15am Arrive and Welcome, with herbal tea at the Barn

09.30am Qigong Flow, with Sian Eden, Cotswold Qigong

A gentle qigong flow combining breath, mind and movement.

Qigong naturally builds your energy levels, nourishes your body from the inside out and releases deeply held stress and tension. Freely flowing through active and dynamic movements, you will feel relaxed yet energised, restored and refreshed.  

10.15am Sound healing journey, with Charlotte Hastings

We will weave a guided meditation with nature as our backdrop and inspiration before dropping into deep rest with crystal singing bowls, Charlotte’s voice and other instruments. You can expect to emerge feeling refreshed and revitalised, with a sense of connection within and without. 

11.30am Brunch at the Yurt

Enjoy a locally sourced seasonal brunch and drink, in the beautiful surroundings of the Michelin-recommended and AA Rosette award winning Nicholsons Yurt. 

The Yurt’s delicious menus are led by quality, seasonal ingredients, supported by local growers and artisans.


A Morning Retreat to balance, rejuvenate & nourish.
  • Date: Saturday 16th March 2024

  • Time: 09.15 am- Midday

  • Place: The Yurt, Nicholsons, North Aston

A wonderful morning retreat!

Open your day with a gentle qigong flow combining breath, mind and movement, balancing our yin and yang and harmonising with the energy of the upcoming Spring Equinox. 

Rejeuvenate in a beautiful sound journey with Rose, botanical companion of the heart, with crystal singing bowls. Rose is a beautiful ally, particularly for holding us in motherhood and love as well as just being an all-round "best friend" from the realm of flowers. 

Nourish with an absolutely delicious locally sourced seasonal brunch , in the beautiful surroundings of the Michelin-recommended and AA Rosette award winning Nicholsons Yurt. 


coming soon!
Awakening to Spring: Seasonal Qigong Workshop and Flow
  • Date: 

  • Time: 

  • Place: 

April events coming soon!


January 2024
Qigong & Sound Healing
  • Date: Saturday 13th January 2024

  • Time: 6-8.30 pm

  • Place: The Club by Bamford, Daylesford, Moreton-in-Marsh, GL56 OYG

Nestled in 3,500 acres of organic farmland in the Cotswolds, The Club by Bamford, using sounds to stimulate healing, re-balance the body’s natural energy with varying sound frequencies.


Elemental Alchemy Qigong flow workshop
  • Date: Saturday 23rd March

  • Time: 09.00am

  • Place: Soho Farmhouse

Bring balance and harmony to each of your primary states of energy recognized within Chinese Philosophy, leading you through a full Elemental Alchemy Qigong flow.

We will begin with Wuji (無極) or primordial flow, progress to Taiji(太極) or yin yang flow, before finishing with a  Wuxing (五行) five element flow.

Understanding and working with each of these three stages of our energy gives us powerful tools for bringing harmony to our lives.


***SOLD OUT *** Awaken to Spring: Qigong and Sound Bath with Carole Love
Qigong & Sound Healing
  • Date: Monday 19th February

  • Time: 6.00pm

  • Place: Salford Village Hall

Awaken to Spring with a beautiful qigong flow nourishing our Wood Element. Finding flexibility and strength in our flow aligning to the  freedom, suppleness and strength in the body that wood brings. A gong bath with Carole Love, and a delicious treat and tea afterwards.

Honouring Winter Monday 18th December

Qigong & Sound Healing Gong Bath with Carole Love.
Qigong & Sound Healing Gong Bath
  • Date: Monday 18th December 2023

  • Time: 6-8.30 pm

  • Place: Salford Village Hall

A rich and restorative qigong flow, followed by a restful sound healing gong bath. 
Ginger tea and something sweet afterward.
Wear comfortable warm clothing, and bring mats, blankets, and pillows for the Sound Healing Gong bath.